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App Name: YouTube

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Category: Video & Players & Editors

Version: 13.45.52 beta

File Size: 33.7 MB

Requires Android: Android Varies with device

Rate: 4.3/5 (23,670,738)

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YouTube APK helps you playing music,watching movies,listening to music,watching youtube,playing a song,save battery. If you need video player,video streaming,mx player,media player,vedio player,file explorer,vlc player,file manager, YouTube APK is the best user friendly,you tube,hd quality,mind blowing,touch controls.

Its awsome and I can watch funny videos. ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad.

Now I can't upload videos from my phone because of this. It's not letting me download videos to Facebook anymore. i try to load videos is "Problem playing Tap to retry. Touch to retry doesn't fix anything FIX THE BUG PLEASE. Videos load well but they lag terribly while playing. I cant watch videos it will load and say error every time. It always says problem while playing sometimes it plays them. I would give it 5 stars but I can't watch videos anymore. Since the last update loading videos take a long time. Whenever I play a video it freezes and the audio keeps playing. After last update my app wont play videos anymore. The Voice Search doesn't work on my galaxy note 2. needs background playback to allow texting n listening to video. New update sucks the swipeable tabs were better. had to uninstall updates to revert to original version. I have to open youtube thru android market or uninstall. Every time I watch videos it always freezes while audio continues to play. After last update picture freezes while audio continues. Forces close after every two videos I watched. Takes long time to load a video before update loaded very quickly.

YouTube History Versions
  • YouTube 13.45.52 beta APK

    Version: 13.45.52 beta

    Size: 33.7 MB

  • YouTube 13.44.51 APK
  • YouTube 13.43.50 APK
  • YouTube 13.42.52 APK
  • YouTube 13.41.53 APK
  • YouTube 13.41.51 APK
  • YouTube 13.40.54 APK
  • YouTube 13.40.51 APK
  • YouTube 13.39.51 APK
  • YouTube 13.38.50 APK
  • YouTube 13.37.52 APK
  • YouTube 13.35.51 APK
  • YouTube 13.34.50 APK
  • YouTube 13.33.54 APK
  • YouTube 13.33.53 APK
  • YouTube 13.32.52 APK
  • YouTube 13.32.50 APK
  • YouTube 13.30.56 APK
  • YouTube 13.29.53 APK
  • YouTube 13.28.54 APK

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