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App Name: VK

Package Name: com.vkontakte.android

Category: Social

Version: 5.22

File Size: 48.84 MB

Requires Android: Android Varies with device

Rate: 8/5 (5,481,455)

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Вконтакте is now Russia's most popular social application. You can access the Вконтакте page on your mobile phone by entering your user name and password. If you are an avid user of Вконтакте, if you need to share your life anytime, anywhere Вконтакте, Вконтакте mobile version of the application can help you achieve, only need an Android phone, you can safely download the security application.

Features: Вконтакте share includes photos, audio, video, news, news, etc., mobile side of the login can also interact with the pc side, and you can download and view the message. The downside is that the Вконтакте operation will consume your traffic, if you do not have enough traffic or recommend the use of web version.

Вконтакте Suitable for people over the age of 12, this is a very fire in the Google social networking software, scores have been 4.2 points, more than three million people on this software, the score, download Вконтакте let your social become more Interesting more abundant.

VK APK helps you meet new people,make friends,uploading photos,keeping in touch,talk to people,uploading pics. If you need social media,social network,face book,video chat,photo editing,photo effects,video call,video recording, VK APK is the best social site,social apps,user friendly,beautiful women,dating site.

VK History Versions
  • VK 5.22 APK

    Version: 5.22

    Size: 48.84 MB

  • VK 5.21 APK
  • VK 5.18 APK
  • VK 5.17 APK
  • VK 5.16 APK
  • VK 5.15 APK
  • VK 5.14 APK
  • VK 5.13 APK
  • VK 5.12 APK
  • VK 5.11.1 APK
  • VK 5.11 APK
  • VK 5.10 APK
  • VK 5.9 APK
  • VK 5.8 APK
  • VK 5.7.1 APK
  • VK 5.7 APK
  • VK 5.6 APK
  • VK 5.5 APK
  • VK 5.4 APK
  • VK 5.3 APK