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App Name: Valkyrie Crusade

Package Name: com.nubee.valkyriecrusade

Category: Card

Version: 4.4.0

File Size: 44M

Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up

Rate: 4.4/5 (77,415)

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Valkyrie Crusade APK helps you killing time,playing a game,get rewards,improving your game,make money,make friends. If you need card battle,rpg game,trading card,fantasy card,strategy game,role playing,deck building, Valkyrie Crusade APK is the best art work,super fun,turn based,story line,final fantasy.

It a fun simple and easy to learn game to pass time. Great game a must have for tcg game player. Very fun game the cards look great on my screen. Used my invite code to get an awesome card : 2rbi7. This is an awesome game for Anime lovers and Otaku's out there. Put my invitation code to receive a Rare card for yourself. It's fun and entertaining and a great time killer. quite an interesting game with evolutions and building the kingdom. recommended for any anime fans out there. use my inv code to get a starters pack: 7d72v. Use the promo code : 4wpwb for special card and freebies. This is deffinitly my favourite fantasy card game on the market. Best card RPG I have played. Card design looks great and events keep you interested. And even without spending real money you can still be in the rankings. You get plenty of in game currency from quests and events. Combination of CCG and city builder keeps it interesting. i think that this game is the best game in the world. Nice game with beautiful card characters.

While Registering and trying to Connect to Facebook for Recovery Option. Good game but have problem connecting to facebook. i cant play it after the last update. After update the daily login bonus has some problem. It crashes and freezes constantly on nexus 10. then later start playing again the game freezes EVERY single time. Its always downloading every times i open the game. The patch that was just released started making my game crash. Level 70 but recently the game keeps crashing and freezing. Game constantly crashes after pressing of the start button. Nice game but sometimes cant connect. since that time I can't play this game anymore. Game force closes on start up on lg optimous one. Need sd card to run it plz fix bug. I get freezes from time to time during archwitch battles. i can't play it in my samsung galaxy ace duos. It always be " error connection " or something like that. Game game wont start after upgrade. but got " facebook login canceled" error message every time. Needs to re boot or re install constantly.

Valkyrie Crusade History Versions
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.4.0 APK

    Version: 4.4.0

    Size: 44M

  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.3.1 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.3.0 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.2.0 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.1.3 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.1.2 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.1.1 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.0.6 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.0.5 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.0.4 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.0.3 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 4.0.0 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.7.4 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.7.3 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.7.2 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.7.1 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.7.0 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.6.1 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.6.0 APK
  • Valkyrie Crusade 3.5.1 APK