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Version: 3.18.0

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Turkcell TV+ watch your favorite TV channels with you again you want to watch missed programs up to 24 hours or by wrapping it back follow. Enjoy hundreds of HD quality movies in the most popular and up to date experience.

Turkcell TV+ app whenever you want wherever you want;
• hundreds of popular and up to date without subscribing to any package you wish, you can rent film in HD quality,
• you can record the broadcasts you want,
• no matter you are the operator, Turkcell TV+ is now open to everyone! Install the application and monthly 12,99 TL “TV for everyone+” from within the application package can be a member, movies, and TV shows and 7.99£, TL and TL 5,29 2.99 you can hire. Moreover, “for everyone TV+” package the first month is free!

important notes:
• Turkcell TV+ to be a Subscriber, are required to have an active cell phone. Turkcell TV+ mobile phone users and "Turkcell Password"using your hands Turkcell TV+ platform can login.
• Android 4.4 X and later versions are supported.
• If you do not know or can't remember your password, Turkcell; Turkcell subscriber if you are free to write and send a text message to the password and your password you can get it for 2200. Turkcell subscriber if you are not 05327552222 to write the password, and you can receive your password by sending a text message. a
• Services offered by GSM operators in case of benefiting with mobile Internet, mobile data usage GSM operator, the conditions shall apply. Related to the use of the Internet by GSM operators point of fair use/fair use terms and conditions (ABCS, velocity field) can be applied. Mobile Internet pricing of the GSM operators that apply to the use of the service, information, and methods related to you can contact your GSM operator. Turkcell individual customers detailed information about their mobile usage line you can get it from.
• Turkcell TV+ application, 3G/4,5 G netbook, notebook, USB modems used by Mobile Broadband (MGB/MGBS) through access points and the internet connection fee is reflected in corporate APN s use the TV standard in the data package will be deducted from the package if you have. From your computer "Turkcell TV+” Superonline Fiber Internet users when using the service quota from the amount of data Turkcell doesn't fall. Turkcell Superonline ADSL users that is used for the amount of data available from the quota falls. a
• The application is only used in Turkey. the
• TV channels with the broadcasting rights of broadcasting organizations in accordance with demand dimming can be applied. the
• frequently asked questions or you can get it from.
• "Turkcell TV+”, Business Communication Services, Inc service.
(*) Turkcell customers Superonline fair use and other conditions for usage quotas you can browse to the address.

in-app purchasing about
•“TV for everyone+” 12,99 monthly package fee of£. Within the scope of this package is selected, TV channels can be viewed in selected movies and TV series. Additional film and TV series can also be rented. a
•film and TV series rental: depending on the content of 2.99 GBP 5,29 $ 7.99 it TL. Within 30 days of leased content, within 48 hours from the moment of the first trace can be viewed as dilenild.

in case of a monthly subscription from within the app Google Play Store for your country from your account and you will be charged the appropriate price with the option. Price information is shown before the payment process is completed. Membership your Membership within 24 hours of the end of the automatic renewal feature is turned off unless it is refreshed on a monthly basis. Automatic renewal service anytime in your account settings you can turn off Play Store. Membership revoked, they cannot be taken for months, the membership is valid until the end of the month.

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  • TV+ 3.18.0 APK

    Version: 3.18.0

    Publish Date: 2017-08-23

    Size: 24.31 MB

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