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App Name: SuperSU

Package Name: eu.chainfire.supersu

Category: Tools

Version: 2.82-SR5

File Size: 6.06 MB

Requires Android: Android 2.3 and up

Rate: 4.3/5 (499,227)

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Must-have Highly Rated Phone Manage App

SuperSU APK helps you moving files,flashing roms. If you need file manager,file explorer,task manager, SuperSU APK is the best user friendly,extra space,backup restore,collection of tools,mind blowing. SuperSU for Android is the best described as an excellent phone manage app. This app allows for advanced management of superuser access rights for all apps that need root on your device. Compared with other similar apps, SuperSU has lots of powerful features.

The biggest feature of SuperSU is that it steps in where superuser normally would and can keep track of which apps you've granted root permissions to. And it automatically granting those permissions again next time you run the app. This is useful for apps like backup app that need to root every time it runs, and in that case you don't need to tap "allow" before time runs out.

SuperSU also has other powerful features, including superuser access prompt, superuser access logging, superuser access notifications, works in recovery, etc. With these functions, you can configure notifications for each app. What's more, it also unroot your device temporarily, after it you can access not-root services.

Additionally, clean user interface, as well as simple and practical all means you're guaranteed an easy-to-use phone management app, SuperSU for Android definitely is the best choice for superusers.

Best superuser app thousand times better than others. Simple and less space required great app for rooted devices. Thanks Chainfire For Another Greatest Version Of SuperSU -Renzki™. supersu is the superuser access management tool of the future. Its really user friendly and its really easy to operate. WiFi tether works fantastic on the Zte Warp. & visit XDA Developers for up coming ways to your Android. SGS4G running custom ICS Rom. Love being able to turn off root. The Best of the Best for Root Control. Love the pin protection. Awesome fabulous superb application for every android user. Thanks for the developer. Only app I trust to manage root access. You can enable pro for free from the settings. I miss the old "not declared in manifest" check box. Fast and stable. New icon is cool. Mind blowing.

''There is no SU binary installed and SuperSu cannot install it. I cant update binary pls give solutions. Twrp/CWM binary update failed on Samsung gs3 Verizon 4. then when I tried installing it showing installation failed. SU binary update failed on Samsung Gallexy GT-N5100. I'm using Sony Xperia Tipo and I can't update su binary. Why my installation binary failed. I did it normally but it always fail. Superuser by Koush does the same and it's open source. doesn't allow some apps root permission Otherwise all fine. when i downloaded it I cant install any apps anymore. It worked fine the other day and now needs binary file. Hangs when I try to update binary on my HTC One M8. SuperSU keeps on telling me that the su binary needs updating. how to uninstall someone please help me if you see this message. it always reverted back to the old version. Good but fix the binary problem. I have little problem updating the su binary. Can't grant access to seeder and lmt on my galaxy s4. Hey chainfire please reply and answer my question.

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  • SuperSU 2.82-SR5 APK

    Version: 2.82-SR5

    Publish Date: 2017-10-01

    Size: 6.06 MB

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