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App Name: Subway Surfers

Package Name: com.kiloo.subwaysurf

Category: Arcade

Version: 1.92.0

File Size: 78M

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Rate: 8/5 (27,070,199)

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The best Android metro train game! Great video game secret, deception and funny videos, photos and Paris subway trains, these games are super easy and fun, you won't want to miss!

Subway Surfers APK helps you killing time,playing a game,playing with friends,earn money,kill boredom,watching videos. If you need endless running,arcade game,jumping game,racing game,side scrolling, Subway Surfers APK is the best fast paced,mind blowing,running game,free game,super fun. Subway surfers is a famous chase game which is more interesting than temple run because the characters are designed more lively and lovely. Highly responsive control is helpful to get high scores and lots of coins.

This game is easy to play that you can swipe up to jump, down to roll, left or right to either way. On your way, be careful with the train. If you run into a train, you will have a stagger so that the grumpy inspector and his dog will catch you. While dodging the oncoming train, don’t forget to collect more coins because some characters need enough coins to unlock.

Subway surfers with vivid HD graphics and impressive characters is popular with lots of people who like to manage their time when they feel boring. This time the score you run is a challenge for the next time. You can buy many power-ups in the game store to help you. You will find you are falling into it in the challenge.

Subway surfers is a simple engrossing game to exercise your ability of responding. So you can organize a race with your friends and guess who can escape from the inspector and his dog.

It's great but sucks it lags to much and freezes. I love this game but it freezes and lags way too much. I cant play this game until next update. I love this game but lately the lagging makes it impossible to play. Makes it almost impossible to play when you start running fast. Fix the lagging and I'll give it five stars. great game but it lags alot sooooooooo bad. lags and freezes alot on my phone. Can't connect to Facebook and most of the Time its Logging. The game is really laggy and unresponsive at points. please solve my problem and make this game featured. It freezes too much and ruins the flow of the game. Games keeps sticking but nice game please fix this sticking issue. Very Good game but last update sucks. Whenever I take a turn the game hangs and shuts down. After some time it becomes boring boring and boring. Amazing just needs to stop ads popping up thats really annoying. The game lags which causes me to lose because it doesn't respond. Nice game but lag problem in galaxy S GT-I9000. I cannot play the game anymore when its not fixed.

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  • Subway Surfers 1.92.0 APK

    Version: 1.92.0

    Publish Date: 2018-03-22

    Size: 78M

  • Subway Surfers 1.91.2
  • Subway Surfers 1.91.2 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.91.1 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.90.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.89.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.88.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.87.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.86.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.85.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.84.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.83.1 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.83.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.82.1 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.82.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.81.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.80.1 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.79.1 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.78.0 APK
  • Subway Surfers 1.77.0 APK