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App Name: SHAREit - Transfer & Share

Package Name: com.lenovo.anyshare.gps

Category: Tools

Version: 4.5.78_ww

File Size: 20M

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Rate: 8/5 (7,998,390)

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Shareit main function
SHAREit APK helps you sending files,sharing files,moving files,transferring photos,transfer pics,using my bluetooth. If you need file transfer,qr code,file manager, SHAREit APK is the best time saver,user friendly,mind blowing,cross platform,transfer program.

share it speed is Really fast
Way faster than Bluetooth in my device it transferred nearly 2GB within minutes. My only problem is that it doesn't have an option to transfer all files we can only transfer files one by one or maybe I didn't find the option.

The best app sharing app
For sharing awesome but for sending txt message? The best app sharing app I saw. :') I still can't understand why txt messaging is included in the update if it only works when connected through a hotspot, you can just talk to the person you want to talk to but, it can be useful if you wanna share a secret. A secret that no one else should know.

shareit is faster than bluetooth
I've only used it once so far and it preformed as stated. Much faster than Bluetooth. The interface for connecting to another device may be a little difficult for users who are mentally challenged when it comes to computer/phone or software based technology. Grandparents may need some grandchildren help with initial connection setup but overall highly recommended and a great tool to get your files where you want them quickly and for FREE!!!

how to transfer picture with shareit
I transfer pictures a lot one month ago and it said all files was sent and i figure out one of list was unfinished which has 1500 picture. I formated another phone already. Eventually i lost my pictures that i love ....speed of transfer is brilliant but i dont think it is perfect application

best UI and desigh
Most functional. The UI and design is is best. BUT, the Windows version is useless and even locks up (Windows 10), so I can't get things nicely to Windows the way I pass them on Android. Also, make the password stay hidden, so that I don't have to enter it EVERY time - that's insane!

Sharing is caring
This app is great!! Not only can we easily share files,videos and music but it also gives us an option of safeguarding our files and cleans up all the trash. It's better and quicker then Bluetooth that's for sure.. great app and worth it!!

cant received file on 7.1.1
im using nexus 5x, works everything fine when i was on 7.0 nougat. but when i upgraded my phone to 7.1.1 it always fails to receive transfer files. please do something with it soon, i really love ur app.

shareit vs. xender vs. superbeam
Where xender or superbeam failed, Shareit worked.

The bestest file transfer app in the Google play. Faster than bluetooth n any other file sharing applications. Its too good for transfering files and faster then any app. Its really mind blowing and very useful. Verygood apps very fast transfer file apps game. Working awesome 1 gb file send in few minutes. Good aap for sharing any file within a sec. makes file sharing between any devices simple n blazing fast. Nice & very fast for shareing any thing. I like it best in the world. Really transfer files between devices very fastly. Great aap for easy n fast sharing of music. Wowww super app mind blowing app. Mast app loved it. Its an osm app I have ever seen to transfer app. Really it good to use and time saver. very fast and reliable way of sharing files. It's really fast nd conects quickly. Good for sharing content and it is fast and reliable. 5 stars for a new version.

Can't receive any file in my android 2. Option to change storage location is miSsing in the new version. Location cannot chnge from sd card to phone memory. It's good but team should fixed storage issue on android 4. I was unable to send or recieve some applications like evernote. Cant send or receive any file on my android. Also needs the ability to change the destination folder. Cannot change the storage location to sd card in my grand 2. For nexus 7 2012 it's not working. when I share anything it doesn't store in external storage. I cannot select sd card option as storage location for received files. Phone restarts every time after the app is used and closed. Speed is awesome but connection problem. Storage location option is missing in settings menu. That's far better in concerned for connect to pc. Unable to choose external SD card while receiving. This is not able to send files to windows phone. Just You Guys Need to Fix SD card Storage issue. I dont have the option that save to memory card. my phone cant receive a file.

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