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App Name: Shadow Fight 2

Package Name: com.nekki.shadowfight

Category: Action

Version: 1.9.38

File Size: 88M

Requires Android: 3.0 and up

Rate: 8/5 (10,744,431)

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Shadow Fight 2 APK helps you killing time,playing a game,make money,earn money,playing with friends,improving your game. If you need fighting game,arcade game,combat game,glu game,rpg game,strategy game,first person shooter,xbox 360, Shadow Fight 2 APK is the best fast paced,gaming experience,action game,free game,mind blowing.

Best fighting game on the play store hands down. Awesome game with great graphics and great gameplay. This is probably the best action game on the app store. Very nice game with lot of new fighting styles. This ninja game is really cool and it is fantastic. Great animation beautiful graphics easy to play well done :D. Great game with brilliant graphics and gameplay. Good responsive game to pass the time. after clash of clans this is the best game ever seen. but this game worth 5 star such a wonderfull game. Highly recommended action packed fighting style game. Hands down the best fighting game on the market. Very smooth graphics with a nice layout and gameplay. Its really mind blowing game fun playing it. Great physics awesome backgrounds great weapons and upgrades. This game has to win game of the year. I like the sound effects and love the weapons. Shadow Fighter 2 really stood out. Nic Game to Enjoy and to Defeat d Enemy. Awsm game for action lovers.

Sometimes the game crashes on round 10 of survival. But sometimes i just cant play the game. When I open the game it closes automatically I don't know why. however the game crashes everytime the ad is finished. And also the free gems for downloading a game doesn't work. the act 2 doesn't seem to want to download. After the update the game crashes wen it reaches the title. by the way the game crashes all the time nowadays. All the tym Game crashes kindly fix this problem. Expecting me to make cash purchases to remove video ads. but it says download failed and check connection. When ever i am downloading additional file game suddenly closed :@. So please reply me and tell me what to do. Update : the framerate has improved and the game stopped crashing. Cant update the iron reign after defeating widow. Game crashes when I try to fight challenge mode. Whenever I connect to Google play the game closes automatically. ''Problem is there in downloading missing content of act ii''. Seems as if game has compatibility issue with lollipop. Could be a great game but its just pay to win.

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  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.38
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.38 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.37 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.36 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.35 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.34 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.33 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.32 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.31 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.30 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.29 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.28 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.27 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.26 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.25 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.24 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.23 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.22 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.21 APK
  • Shadow Fight 2 1.9.18 APK

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