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App Name: Open Camera

Package Name: net.sourceforge.opencamera

Category: Photography

Version: 1.44wip

File Size: 2.08 MB

Requires Android: Android 4.0.3 and up

Rate: 8/5 (106,155)

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Open Camera APK helps you taking pics,taking photos,saving pics. If you need time lapse,photo editing,video camera,hdr camera,post processing,camera effects,video recording,gallery app, Open Camera APK is the best camera replacement,camera apps,camera software,picture quality,low light.

BY far it's the best camera app i have ever seen till date. Better than any camera ap I've ever tried. definitely the best third party camera on the market. I love the extensive settings and manual controls this camera provides.

Love how much control Open Camera gives over settings. the settings don't seem to save when you change camera. Can't test or use unless I can save to SD. The camera's awesome but each time I try to record video. I cannot get it to save pictures to SD card. Ok but there is no option to choose storage to sd card. especially with an open source app. is it only on my phone and how to fix. Only issue is the inability to save to EXT -SD. but needs a better icon. Useless if you can't record to external SD card. Be aware that new version does NOT respect the brightness settings. Tiny but no option to change resolutions. Video camera does not work on Samsung S3 and Lollipop 5. On my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the FPS setting does nothing. absolutely annoying ads. The date stamp suddenly changed to the wrong date. HORRIBLE BATTERY USAGE. why are there no high resolution settings for 16x9. Unfortunately it doesn't record 4k video on LG G3.

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  • Open Camera 1.44.1 APK

    Version: 1.44.1

    Size: 2.1M

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