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App Name: Google Play Games

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Category: Entertainment

Version: 2779566-034

File Size: 11.97 MB

Requires Android: Android 4.0 and up

Rate: 8/5 (6,496,524)

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Google Play Games APK helps you playing a game,killing time,adding friends,make money,waking up,meeting new friends. If you need big fish,video poker,casino game,slots game,slot machine,social media,multiplayer game,xbox live, Google Play Games APK is the best gaming experience,variety of games,selection of games,past time,super fun.

Thank you for the opportunity to compete everyone Google Play. Do this in app swipbin this order up up down down left right left right. I love this app because I find cool games hehehehe. And it makes it easy to play online multi player. Great selection of games needs more beeline games and cooking games. Got addicted to mobile games thanks to this achievement system. Great thanks for raising lvl cap. Nice that you can play with other players. my talking tom has more fun games. Yo Yo Honey Singh. Universal gaming profile that allows you to unlock achievements. Gaming is much more enjoyable with this. Also wizard of oz. Makes every game more competitive with achievements and leaderboard stats. DHS Texas Hold em. Like Zombie Tsunami Candy Crush Saga Subway Surfers. Just a addictive game. Game rock n roll hu hunny.

Have it set to login on all my games. It says to install latest version but I've already installed. Doesn't list my installed games if I don't have mobile service. It crashes whenever I try to log in. Downloaded update cant play underworld empire now please fix your updates. I cant connect with respawnables game which i play a lot. cant see the size of the app before downloading anymore. Google needs to merge Google+ and Play Games into one App. Give me the option to remove games I don't play anymore. I like it but please raise level cap. Let's have the option to add friends through our contact list. Going to uninstall if someone doesn't fix it. It wont run unless i update google play services. and then you must install new version google play service. Keep getting "failure to connect to google play services" error now. Keep trying to download games but it says insufficient space. Google please install a feature for gaming saving progress. Needs humble bundle support. I can open game normal day but on this app. It is showing " unknown error with google play services.

Google Play Games History Versions
  • Google Play Games 2779566-034 APK

    Version: 2779566-034

    Publish Date: 2016-03-02

    Size: 11.97 MB

  • Google Play Games 2647216-034 APK
  • Google Play Games 2379351-034 APK
  • Google Play Games 2379351 APK
  • Google Play Games 2285964-034 APK
  • Google Play Games 2285964 APK
  • Google Play Games 2271153-034 APK
  • Google Play Games 2271153 APK
  • Google Play Games 2197783 APK
  • Google Play Games 5.10.6084 (203152957.203152957-000308) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.10.6084 (203152957.203152957-000300) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.9.04 (197933061.197933061-000300) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000300) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000408) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000406) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000400) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000308) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000800) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.53 (197013620.197013620-000700) APK
  • Google Play Games 5.8.48 (196327529.196327529-000800) APK

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