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App Name: Clouds & Sheep

Package Name: com.hg.cloudsandsheepfree

Category: Simulation

Version: 1.10.3

File Size: 30.02 MB

Requires Android: Android 4.0 and up

Rate: 8/5 (610,239)

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Managing a Group of Low IQ but Cute Sheep Will Make You Happy

Clouds & Sheep APK helps you killing time,playing a game,earn money,playing with friends,adding friends,waking up. If you need strategy game,farm game,time management,face book,social media,simulation game,city building, Clouds & Sheep APK is the best super fun,amazing game,relaxing game,mindless fun,cute game. Clouds & Sheep – is a beautiful and amusing game. You should be a shepherd. You will care of a herd of lovely lambs. Lambs are a little silly. If they see a poisonous mushroom, they will eat it. When the sun shines, they will stand right in the sun, until they get sunstroke and when the weather spoils the will stand in the rain with pleasure, until they catch a cold. Therefore you should feed and treat in time your wards, play with them, look after your herd, develop it. If you do it well, your lambs will award you a great number of lambs and bonus points which can be spent for improvement of life of your herd. You can use various objects and toys. In the course of the game you will pass many interesting tests and entertaining puzzles! Functions of weather control also will be available to you. null. Clouds & Sheep is a simulation game where you can feed a group of interesting sheep. Your mission is to make them happy by controlling the weather and playing with them.

In this game, you just need to take care of your sheep by providing them food and water. Although they are cute, but a little stupid because they will eat the poisonous mushrooms, so keep them away. And when the weather is bad, they will stand in the rain until catch a cold. If you feed them well, you will get more points so that you can change more pastures because the pastures are limited.

You also can control diverse cloud to be interactive with the sheep and you can get more than 20 rewards and tools. You should spend some effort and patience to make sheep grow up, and sometimes they also feel depression. So you can throw them out to make them happy or pull their tails to rolling like a snow ball, that’s very ridiculous.

This game is innovative and the colorful screen and little cute sheep attract lots of people. And they can’t put them down. It’s real a good game to be relaxed and spend time.

fairly easy so far and a good time waster. Nice little game to pass the time or entertain my lil sis with. It's a fun time killer and my kids love it. It's amazing game you also download it. Very nice game love my farm and most of all my sheep's. Its a very relaxing game where you take care of sheep. If you love animals this is best they are cute and fluffy. animations and sound effects are so adorable its hard to stop. great time passer for kids too. Adorable game just in time for valentines day. Addictive love it makes me smile and kills time :-. I think it is the best game in the world. Keeps me occupied through out the day love it. Great and cheap casual game. really good for adults and kids alike. Good clean fun and 4 year old can join in. s a very beautiful game. The sheep are cute and cuddly and I just love it. I've never seen a game quite like it. This game is a great game for boredom i love it.

Four stars only because the game freezes and crashes quite often. Great game but gives trouble to install. My daughter likes this game but it keeps restarting my phone. Good game but it takes too long to start up. Its really good but its a little boring. Credit card charged and no stars :. Annoying ads just to try. Unfortunately it has started to force close every time we want to. Good game but beware. Will be a lot better if there more challenges. You have to open several times before it finally stays open. ads ads ads. Its a good game but too many adds. Love this game but keeps force closing when ads come up. Also too much rubbish on the screen obscuring the sheep. Its super cute but gets old quick. It looked fun but it keeps force closing so I can't even play. though the adverts to get free stars can be annoying. Graphic problem with xperia ars s ICS 4. I reinstalled and it again crashed when I reached level 10.

Clouds & Sheep History Versions
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.10.3 APK

    Version: 1.10.3

    Publish Date: 2017-09-14

    Size: 30.02 MB

  • Clouds & Sheep 1.10.2 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.10.1 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.10.0 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.10 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.9 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.7 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.6 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.5 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.4 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.3 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.2 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.1 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.9.0 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.8.0 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.7.2 APK
  • Clouds & Sheep 1.7.0 APK

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