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App Name: Call Recorder

Package Name: com.enlightment.voicecallrecorder

Category: Communication

Version: 1.5.22

File Size: 4.0M

Requires Android: Android 4.1 and up

Rate: 4.4/5 (318,519)

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This app  can record all your calls in a very easy way and you can easily manage all your call records.

Call Recorder APK helps you using my bluetooth. If you need call recorder,voice recorder,music player, Call Recorder APK is the best free calling,background noise,recording quality,audio quality,voice clarity.

with user friendly interference and easy to control/set features. Very nice working in cell phon q-A8 andr:4. Ever records call of second sim in a dual sim handset. This is a very very very useful apps. Nice superb for canvas hd. It really helped me out and I like it a lot. works very silently in the background. perfect for keeping records of important calls. very reliable app and easy to use. here I can hear crisp and clear incoming and outgoing voice. Good audio quality and easy to operate. Gud cal recorder i have ever seen. Very good handy application. Work's great best I found. Everybody must take it without any hesitation. Good quality as compared to other similar. Best for micromax and xolo. It is a really very beneficial application. Simply easy and records everything without turning on the loud speaker. Works very well when the call is answered using the phone speakers.

It records my voice only and doesnt record other persons voice. its showing only contact no in place of contact name. Only one problem records the other side of the conversation very poorly. Can't hear other party well during playback. Just that can't record the other party when using headphone Pretty clear. It doesn't record anonymous callers or private numbers which sucks. It records both parties but u can't hear the other person at all barely. Nice app but you can hardly hear the person on the other end. but sometimes it doesn't record the voice of the person who calls. but it won't work on Note 3 so I stopped using. but the other person's voice is not recorded at all. but needs bug fixes. Crashes aince the new os update thanks. But then it stopped recording all calls out of nowhere. the other person on the line is barely audible. But sometimes During playback also hear the ringtone. sometimes it clashes with other applications and doesnt record. Playback volume needs addressed as it is way too low. or to goto application manager and force stop the app. Also causes problems between stopping music and starting phone call.

Call Recorder History Versions
  • Call Recorder 1.5.22 APK

    Version: 1.5.22

    Publish Date: 2018-02-27

    Size: 4.0M

  • Call Recorder 1.5.21 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.18 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.15 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.12 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.09 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.08 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.07 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.06 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.03 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.5.01 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.98 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.97 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.96 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.93 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.92 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.89 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.88 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.86 APK
  • Call Recorder 1.4.82 APK